We at SATURATE think that although NFT's may be all hype at the moment  the underlying technology is here to stay and will be an additional way  to support artists.
We want to actually offer value in that space with physical, real world collector items.
With that being said we do see the ecological issues that come with  NFT's so we will be using a platform that does not rely on Ethereum at  all and instead on a token that is based on delegated proof of stake.  This will bring fees, and our ecological footprint to a minimum!
Also offered through the COLLECTION:
 - 24 bit master of each single (exclusivly)
 - Stems/samples of each single (exclusivly)
 - the psd artwork of each single (exclusivly)
This essentially lets you own the DNA of the music! As far as we are concerned this has never been done before!
 - Ultra Limited physical print of above mentioned artwork
 - Vinyl (test presses as well)
And if that wouldn't be enough, this right here might be the most exciting part:
 - Exclusive Trading cards screenprinted and digital of producers that will be part of a game we are actively developing!
This is the beginning of our SATURATED COLLECTION and we are excited to have you all be apart of it!